Hands-on Learning and Innovation

At MAPIL, we seek to create new knowledge through multilevel collaboration.

Modeling, testing, observing, analyzing, and publishing form the core of the student experience at MAPIL. Our graduate and undergraduate students aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty—they come to MAPIL to gain active, first-hand research experience in the field, and that’s exactly what they get.

Students bring, and develop, their own ideas to help solve pressing transportation materials issues. Through their work in the lab, they’re trained to become contributors and collaborators, meeting the challenges our communities will face in the coming years.

Hot Topics = Big Opportunities

A Glimpse into the Problems MAPIL is Solving

With the growing demand for civil engineering, MAPIL students train to work with agencies, industry, and academic institutions around the globe on issues like:

  • Enhanced Recycling
  • Crack Mitigation
  • Sustainability
  • Fracture Behavior
  • Bulk Material Response
  • Automated/Intelligent Production and Construction

Recent Projects

Check out what MAPIL students have been working on:

Featured Projects


Convergence Research

Taking a Trans-Disciplinary Approach

All graduate and undergraduate MAPIL students work with highly-experienced lab members in a world class environment to test and validate pressing transportation materials questions to explore smart surface possibilities.

The University of Missouri is known for being a highly-interdisciplinary campus—therefore, we feel it’s important for MAPIL students to develop their innovation skills and outside-of-the-box thinking by exploring courses outside just their core areas of interest. We firmly believe that fostering creativity and fresh, inclusive approaches in our lab is critical for attracting the best minds to our challenging and rewarding field.

We’ve equipped our labs with high-tech tests, digital displays and collaboration areas to foster interdisciplinary research starting at the undergraduate level. Through collaboration and teamwork, our students learn to train, write proposals and/or teach. Allowing our students to develop versatile, attractive skill sets to help further their advancement in academia or other industry labs.

Current Students

MAPIL’s Growing Family Tree

Students choose to work with MAPIL to explore the ideas they are passionate about.

Asphalt and transportation surface research is an established field, yet through new technologies it offers multitudinous possibilities for scientific advancement.

If you are a prospective student looking for challenging work and innovations with high impact, we invite you to apply to MAPIL today through the University of Missouri School of Graduate Studies:

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