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Rethinking the Rate of Change

“We can’t keep making roads the same way we have for the last 150 years. We need to do things better. We need to rethink what transportation surfaces are and what they can be.”

— Dr. William Buttlar

The first modern asphalt roads of the 1870s were designed for different traffic needs than we have today; horse-and-buggy and light pedestrian traffic rarely enter our current transportation surfaces paradigm — yet we design our roads in much the same way we did in the 19th century.

While there have been many transportation surface developments in the intervening years, the hard truth is today’s rate of innovation for other material sciences is lagging in the asphalt and transportation surfaces industries.

Unbiased Design

Knowledge You Can Use

Staying ahead of the competition is a never-ending process of research and development.

Progressive MAPIL partners know they can rely on us for the most up-to-date and thorough methods and testing procedures of their products and processes — the kind of work and analysis you just can’t get with smaller state or private labs.

MAPIL collaborates with the advanced thinkers of the asphalt and transportation structures industry to provide:

  • cutting-edge testing and product evaluations
  • field visits and sampling
  • comprehensive consultations, and
  • report writing.

When you work with MAPIL, your results are your own.

With an over 90% journal publication rate, MAPIL specializes in getting new discoveries into print as part of our mission to improve the overall health of the asphalt industry.

Success Stories

How MAPIL is Improving the Status Quo

We’re already green, but we can do more.

Improving our Ecological Footprint

Sustainable manufacturing, efficient construction and smart asphalt mix design are just the beginning of our research efforts.

Asphalt is already the number one recycled material in the United States. MAPIL takes the asphalt industry’s environmental commitment and leadership even further by actively seeking every opportunity to develop greener, more intelligent solutions with the resources we have.

We provide unbiased scientific results.

Real Proof for Your Proof of Concept

With the help of its partners, MAPIL supports and conducts top-flight education and research in a highly unbiased lab that gives strictly scientific results.

We pride ourselves on being the gateway for new and inventive products by evaluating these products under the most rigorous and controlled circumstances. In conjunction with field studies we help monitor, we’re able to produce the most accurate proof testing results available.

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