This study evaluated the oxidative aging of asphalt mixtures by both nondestructive and fracture performance tests and investigated the possibility of estimating the low-temperature fracture properties of aged mixtures by using a nonlinear ultrasonic approach. Asphalt mixture samples, oven aged for 12, 24, 28, 32, and 36 h at 135°C, were compacted, made into test specimens, and evaluated by using a noncollinear wave-mixing approach. In addition, the embrittlement temperature and fracture energy of the replicate samples were assessed by using the acoustic emission test and the disk-shaped compact tension test. Comparison of results from the three testing methods clearly showed similar trends. This finding suggests that the fracture properties of mixtures can be estimated by using the noncollinear ultrasonic wave-mixing approach, which is a nondestructive method which does not require core extraction in the field.