Mizzou Asphalt Pavement and Innovation Lab

A part of MU’s College of Engineering, the Mizzou Asphalt Pavement & Innovation Lab (MAPIL) is committed to cutting-edge asphalt research, mix design and surface sustainability.

We specialize in finding advanced, intelligent structural materials design solutions for smart cities to make our communities more livable, sustainable, and safe. Through extensive research, education, creativity, and collaboration, MAPIL is continually developing innovative technologies to increase efficiencies across multiple disciplines, helping empower and improve communities throughout the world.

Join us as we create new ways to grow.

The future of infrastructure is smart!

Come visit the exhibit on 'Smart Materials in Infrastructure' at #ShowmeMizzou2019 by @MAPIL11 in association with @GoWindgo, on 13th April 10am-2pm (Location : Lafferre Hall, Columbia, MO)
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